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Crafting the perfect beer copy

Having come home from the far east to work in Scotland, one of the first accounts we picked up wasn’t Scottish at all. It was for the Irish Beer, Inish Mac Saint.

There's something rather special about the challenge of working on a small beer company – especially one that obviously doesn’t have anywhere near the budget of its big-brand competitors .

So, after some great chats with the owners, we all started from the point where we wanted Inish Mac Saint to stand out for its uniqueness – to create a campaign that not only celebrates the taste and integrity of craft beer but also cuts through the pomposity that often plagues that end of the beer industry.

And we also wanted to raise a big smile too.

A lot came down to Tone of Voice.

We chose one that's cheeky and relatable. Our ad copy doesn't promise enlightenment or world-changing experiences; instead, it takes the micky out of the usual ‘beer heritage’ nonsense you so often see, taking a playful jab at the pretentiousness of obscure tasting notes or overly sophisticated rituals.

And we cut to the chase with no-nonsense instruction: Drink Our Beer.

  • One of a series of ads for the InishMac Saint beer

According to the team at Inish Mac Saint, the campaign has gone down very well indeed. Just like the beer itself, really.

And it all goes to show you that good, original, engaging campaigns begin with a terrific brief – followed up with great communication between agency and client.

That’s the way we always like to work.


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