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Oh Scotland. It's good to be back.

As the aircraft wheels touched down, I knew one thing for certain - it was indeed good to be back in Scotland, back to the inevitable layers of mist and the unmistakable scent of rain-soaked heather – but summer would have to wait.

It was actually a cold, crisp late winter’s afternoon when I arrived back in Glasgow. After two decades of working in some of the world’s biggest ad agencies across South East Asia, Africa and Europe I found myself happily back in the bosom of the bagpipes and Tunnock’s tea cakes… and delighted to launch our own Creative Agency – Ferrybridge.

  • Just my luck to run into some heavy traffic.

Ferrybridge is an amalgam of the best practices, best thinking and best life experiences that I’ve absorbed during my time working in advertising across the globe.

It’s a little agency that believes in big thinking – digging deep for the right ideas to give your business a proper creative advantage. Because in an increasingly homogenised marketing world, the ability for advertisers to really stand out is being whittled away to the degree where everything starts to look and sound the same.

In my adventures, I have had the privilege of working with some truly wonderful people on a host of global brands – Nestle, Johnny Walker, Heineken, Colgate, HSBC, and Pampers to name just a few. And now, back in Scotland with a like-minded team of creatives around me, Ferrybridge hopes to deliver that big-brand thinking for your business, without any of the big-brand costs!

So welcome to Ferrybridge. Why not let us know about your upcoming marketing needs and we’ll get some Big Thinking going for your business.


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